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ColliCare Logistics has put itself on the map as an innovative logistics service provider offering a complete range of services within sea, road, rail and air freight, 3PL, warehousing and distribution. The company is working hard to position itself as a European service provider. Earlier this year, the company opened another new branch in Gdynia, Poland. Meanwhile, the company has more than 600 employees worldwide, spread over several branches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, India and China. ColliCare's vision is to strengthen its customers' competitiveness through innovative, sustainable and integrated logistics services of high quality and flexibility.


Every touchpoint with the company counts. Hence, I am working a lot on managing branding of ColliCare Logistics on trucks & trailers, in offices, and on various other marketing assets and touchpoints. It is a crucial aspect of building and maintaining a consistent brand image. This includes ensuring that all branding elements, such as logos, colors, and messaging, are consistently applied across all marketing assets. This can be achieved by creating and enforcing brand guidelines that specify how branding should be used, and by regularly reviewing and updating branding materials and working with experts to achieve it.

Content that delivers

The available content on their Dutch website was quite generic and not differentiating them from their main competitors. I have created brand new tailored content focused on what a potential customer is exactly looking for, like information about road freight to/from/in Norway or customs clearance for the United Kingdom.

The majority of these Search Engine Optimized (SEO) landingpages are within the top 10 in the Google Search results while saving online advertisement expenditure that can be reallocated for other purposes.

+ 100 new landingpages (in 2 languages)

Digital advertising

To attract new customers, online advertisements are running via different display networks and social media platforms. It is a constant challenge to create relevant ads for the target audiences and to secure the best placements, while testing several parameters like what is the best copy and imagery.

It shows that the ongoing optimization of the online ad placements for ColliCare Logistics is delivering. The results show more impressions, clicks and conversions while maintaining the same budget for a certain time period.

+ 38% more impressions
+ 16% more clicks

GDPR Compliance

I have been working on ensuring that the websites of ColliCare Logistics are inline with the GDPR regulations. This has been done by implementing a consent management platform into the websites that is streamlining the consent to third party trackers within the branding guidelines of the company.

± 95% full consent rate

Press releases

Getting the word out about ColliCare Logistics is important because press releases are an great tool for getting free marketing exposure. In the past years, I have been using press releases to create a sense of authority and expertise in a particular fields of the logistics industry, which are valuable for building and maintaining a strong brand image. The news stories were published on several websites including regional newswebsite RTV Noord and various logistics news websites.

+ 750,000 free impressions


Throughout the years I aim to stay in touch with our customers. This includes thinking of them during the holiday season. I have initiated in 2020 that ColliCare Logistics the Netherlands started with sending physical holiday greeting cards accompanied by A6 sized desk calendars to their most important relations. These desk calendars are in high demand of our customers and leads to all year round visbility at key decision makers.

+ 1,500 desk calendars shipped

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The ColliCare Logistics word mark and logo is a registered trademark owned by ColliCare Logistics AS.