Pre-packed displays

When AB InBev started operating in the Scandinavian market, they took materials from other markets in order to kickstart their operations. However, these POS materials were not always conform the market standards on sizes and user friendliness. Therefore, I developed new solutions to increase sales rep effeciency and the number of products per secondary display.

Having a placement out-of-shelf is important when you want to trigger impulse buying behaviour. For Corona Extra to be able to stand out in the Scandinavian retail stores, I have created these prominent pre-packed displays.

The displays were prepared at the warehouse, so that sales reps could just roll them into the store when they were visiting. This instead of spending hours on building a display and disposing packaging materials.

These displays were developed for the brands Corona Extra, Stella Artois and Becks were implemented in Denmark, Sweden and Norway in 2019 for applicable brands per country.

30 - 45 sixpacks per display

In the Danish market, specialty beers are often sold in 75cl bottles. For secondary placements, sales reps were spending hours in store to build displays with boxed products.

These boxed displays were annoying for customers as they needed to open boxes in order to get the product. Therefore, I created for the specialty brands Leffe and Hoegaarden these special pre-packed displays for the Danish market.

The shift from sales rep built displays towards these pre-packed displays significantly reduced the time spent in store by the sales reps while the volume per display was increased by 60%.

60% more products per display

In this project, I was the project manager and have succesfully implemented these displays in the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian markets in 2019.

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