In the cold Denmark, the Mexican beach-and-sun occasion seems far away. The Danish weather is unpredictable, which makes the lifestyle more spontaneous – as soon as the sun breaks through the clouds on a rainy day, the Danes instantly seek out to enjoy outdoor moments with friends, even in the winter time. It can be pouring down one moment, and in the blink of an eye the sun shines. This is what makes the sunset occasion special to Danes – because they don’t take them for granted.

Media Strategy

The concept behind the campaign was giving people an urban escape within the Copenhagen capital area where they can enjoy the sunset and relax with friends. This has been fitted into Corona's THIS IS LIVING concept and implemented in different media channels focusing in the Copenhagen capital area such as outdoor media at the Copenhagen Metro (53 screens) and the digital network in the heart of Copenhagen (35 screens). And through localized sponsored content on both Facebook and Instagram.

At  88 Digital out-of-home (DOOH) billoards in Copenhagen in the afternoon and evening.


This part of the campaign focuses on inspiring people to go outside in the urban landscape. Corona has teamed up with three ambassadors, singer Kwamie Liv, photographer Nikolaj Thaning, and photographer and nature child Copenhagen Wilderness, who in each way found inspiration in the urban space and guide to their favourite spots in the concrete jungle. With perpetual sunsets from the three ambassadors and a high number of user-generated content, Corona encouraged people to get outside and explore the city with new eyes.

Corona Sunset Sessions

As part of the new campaign, Corona and the online magazine Soundvenue hosted three Sunset Sessions at Reffen with crisp tunes from a number of the country’s most talented and most hyped music artists and DJ’s (Kwamie Liv, Jeuru, Mads Axelsen, ANYA, Christian D’Or etc.). Over more than 4500 people attended 2019's most beautiful summer parties under the open sky.

+ 4.500 visitors attended

Partnering with Soundvenue

To boost the brands awareness within the urban target group, I partnered up with the online magazine Soundvenue. They are covering the Danish music, film and fashion world. Together we targetted the trendsetting urban Scandinavian, who hunger for the soundtrack of tomorrow and look out for the best parties in town.

Through their media both the #CPHSUNSETSPOTS and Sunset Sessions were boosted to Copenhagen's urban trendsetters.

Retail Activation

The strong focus on Corona came across in multiple stores through a collaboration with the leaders in mixed reality, Realfiction and hypermarket chain Bilka. With the Dreamoc HD3 displays consumers were educated about Corona's famous lime ritual through a 3D hologram in-store. Besides the educational part, the hologram displays increased the rate of sale by approximately 10% of the Corona products in all participating stores.

± 10% sales uplift at hologram displays

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